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Video communication can greatly enhance the quality of the patient experience - by informing patients, training staff, spreading best practice and communicating research. We have worked extensively with the NHS, the Department of Health and private healthcare organisations to help them make a difference.

New to video? Don’t worry. We’ve been here for 25 years!

Do you have a project which you think may benefit from using video? The first step is to discuss with us what you’d like to achieve. We’ll let you know the options. Simply call John on 01704 601020.

Bedside TV and screens in waiting areas are ideal channels to present information to patients, visitors and staff. Hand hygiene awareness and vaccination programmes and in-patient awareness videos are examples of how video can re-enforce key messages, improving outcomes and freeing staff time.

Recruitment is another area that can benefit from video communciation. Hearing real members of staff tell their own stories adds authenticity to your recruitment campaigns.

The healthcare sector lends itself particularly well to the use of video for training. Correct procedures can be explained and demonstrated, allowing staff to confidently apply new skills and refresh existing practices. Videos of procedures such as cannulation can be made relatively quickly and at low cost.

Quality improvement is a major priority in healthcare at the moment. Video can be used to cascade information consistently throughout large organisations. Events and presentations can be recorded for viewing by those unable to attend.

Case studies of successful projects make excellent videos - telling engaging stories that can celebrate success and inspire others in their own improvement projects.

We offer a full "script to screen" production service. We can also help and support you in creating your own video content with training and consultancy or specific services such as video editing, graphics, scriptwriting, voiceover narration and subtitling.

Whatever your budget we’ll work with you to create a solution that achieves your objectives using the power of video.

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